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You Can Thank Lukas Nelson For Making The ‘A Star Is Born’ Soundtrack So Good

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Lukas Nelson is fast becoming a star before our very eyes.

Not only has he played the Outlaw Music Festival Tour all summer and fall, he’s also the leader of Promise of the Real and plays regularly with Neil Young and his dad, Willie Nelson. Now, he’s about to get his biggest look yet — writing a significant amount of music for the hotly anticipated film A Star Is Born, as well as starring in the film.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Lukas detailed his first meeting with the film’s director, Bradley Cooper, at a music festival back in 2016.

“He always was a musician,” Nelson says of Cooper. “So, I just showed him a few things to practice and by the time we filmed he was great.”

The film’s co-star, Lady Gaga, also became very close with Lukas during pre-production and filming. In total, Nelson contributed his songwriting talent to nine tunes on the soundtrack, and he and Promise of the Real perform as Cooper’s backing band.

A Star Is Born has been remade multiple times, most notably with Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand in the lede roles. The newest version premiered in early September at TIFF in Toronto, receiving rave reviews. It hits theaters nationwide on October 5. Check out the movie trailer below.

UPDATE: The film’s soundtrack is now available on your favorite platforms, including here on Spotify.

Lede photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

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Lukas Nelson + Promise Of The Real