Willie Nelson And Van Morrison Recorded Together While On The Outlaw Tour

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Here’s some exciting music legend news! Willie Nelson and Van Morrison have recorded together in a Pennsylvania studio. A few days before the Outlaw Music Festival tour stop in Burgettstown, PA in September 2018, both titans laid down a few tracks.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Church Recording Studio in Pittsburgh received a three-day recording session request from someone in Belfast, Ireland. When the owners found out that it was from Van Morrison they weren’t even sure it was real.

lukas willie van
[Photo via Dave Hidek]

“A little later on, we got a call from Willie Nelson’s management to let us know that he’d be attending as well, which was an unbelievable thought, having those two guys collaborating in our space,” the studio’s producer Dave Hidek tells The Post-Gazette.

Willie and Van were joined by Lukas Nelson, Mickey Raphael and producer Buddy Cannon. No word on how the tunes sound, but we’ve no doubt they’ll be something else! Click over to the Post-Gazette to read the full account.

The Outlaw Music Festival Tour ends October 21 in Los Angeles. Grab your tickets here.